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Product Details

5V1A Adapter

FYWS-51 (SMPS Adaptor) is designed on Highly Integrated SMPS Switcher IC which makes this product reliable and highly efficient.


  • 5V1A Rated Output.
  • It comes with 1.5mtr wire length and 5.5*2.1mm DC Plug Size.
  • Led indicator to show the functional status.
  • Made from High grade ABS plastic
  • Overload, Over Voltage & Over Current Protection.
  • Short Circuit, Over Temperature Protection.
  • Unique and attractive design.
  • BIS Certified.
Feature Specification
VAC Voltage 150~265VAC
Output voltage 5VDC
Rated Power 5W
Ripple & Noise (max.) 70mV(max)
Voltage Adj. Range 5V
Device Primary-Side Regulation CV/CC Switcher for Adapters and Chargers
Device(frequency) 85KHz
VDS Voltage 600V(max)
Line Regulations ±1%
Load Regulations ±5%
SCP Output short-circuit protection
ARP  Auto-restart protection reduces power delivered by >90% for output short-circuit and control loop faults (open and shorted components)
ON/OFF control ON/OFF control provides constant efficiency down to very light loads – ideal for CEC regulations
line UV Line brown-in/out protection
OV Line overvoltage shutdown extends line surge withstand
OTP Accurate thermal shutdown, hysteretic or latching
Efficiency(Typ.) 80%
Frequency Range 47~63HZ
Storage Temperature 0-50°C